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Fitness Kickboxing


Much more than a kickboxing class...

The mission of FGHTR Fitness Kickboxing is to progress individuals towards their unique potential through improved physical fitness, mental tenacity and positive community so they can live their lives to the fullest.

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FGHTR Fitness is a group fitness class designed for individuals looking to improve their health, body composition and mind! It blends cardio kickboxing with resistance band training that is appropriate for almost every level of fitness. Workouts also provide a personalized score that you can track through an app and email! You'll not only be motivated by improving your own score, but by the results of how you look and feel. You'll be on your way to be a FGHTR for your best life! 

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The Workout
Fitness Class

Is FGHTR fitness Right for me? 

You don't need to have any martial art experience at all to enjoy and benefit from FGHTR Fitness! 
The class is designed for almost any fitness level (always check with your doctor first!) and everything done in the class can be modified to an appropriate level, no matter if you already workout regularly or if you haven't ever taken a fitness class.
If you would like to get in better shape through a fun, positive energy, unique group class ... Then FGHTR Fitness is for you! 

What are the results?

FGHTR Fitness is all about results!
Physical results include: 
• Weight loss
• Increased muscle tone
• More Flexibility & Mobility
• Better Stamina and Endurance
• Improved Strength and Power

• Be part of a fun, positive, like-minded community
• Develop grit and determination
• Not only gain a FGHTR's body but a FGHTR's mindset


What does FGHTR mean?

The goal of FGHTR Fitness is to provide a way for participants to realize their inner FGHTR! You don't need to get in a ring with an opponent, because the opponent is life. We want to equip you with your best level of fitness to keep up with the energy demands of each day. FGHTR Fitness will give you the body you want, sharpen your mind and unleash your ability to live with purpose and intention!


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The 4 FGHTs

FGHTR Fitness Classes consists of a 45-60 minute class broken into 4 sections...aka FGHTs!


Warm-up with calisthenics, body mechanic drills, dynamic stretching, technique work and more! 


13 minutes of HIGH-ENERGY FUN, kickboxing portion of class that includes a variety of techniques, live virtual scoring, great music and intervals that burn calories!


Resistance Band work that allows every participant to challenge themselves appropriately. Build muscle, tone, mobility and strength while staying safe! 


Purposeful post-workout recovery that includes breathing mechanics and drills, myofascial roller work, static stretching and more!


Mother's Day Card


"I have thoroughly enjoyed FGHTR class. The atmosphere is positive, energized and happy. The participants are fun and all skill levels. I enjoy the kickboxing not only for the cardio health it provides but the mental health as well. I feel so much better when I’m done and ready to conquer!! I have realized I get more done after class than I do during a whole day without it. That level of release is worth way more than I am spending;) The strength training is complete without being hard on my joints. I can feel the muscles working. Also, my son is sitting on go for school to be over so he can start!"


"You might not think a group exercise class could be so personalized, but the way the class is structured and the equipment that’s used allow enough flexibility for virtually every fitness level to be challenged without feeling overwhelmed. Having results broken down into easy to understand measurements that can be tracked from session to session is an unbelievable motivator! The atmosphere created by the energetic and fun instructors, the supportive and friendly classmates, even the music choices is one that makes you want to be a part of every single class. It sets the tone for the rest of an amazing day. I’ve yet to leave a class not feeling like I’ve worked hard and loved every minute of it."


"I'm horribly out of shape. I had been dieting and lost some weight, so it was time to start some exercise to my fitness plan. I enjoy walking on the treadmill at home, but found it was difficult to carve out time...I could always find something else to do around the house! This class came to me at just the right time. I have the accountability of the teachers and other people in the class. I can change any of the exercises I need to modify and I still get a great workout. As crazy as it sounds, I feel so good when I leave and have accomplished another class. I can see myself continuing with this class throughout my fitness journey - I can't wait to see how strong and flexible I can be!"



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