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Become a Licensed FGHTR Affiliate

The FGHTR Program was designed specifically for martial art schools looking to OPTIMIZE their "downtime" and MAXIMIZE their profit! 

We have a 5 Step Process to EASILY get your FGHTR Class up and running! 

Hear from 
One of our

Information & Education

We want to learn about you and your business's needs! After submitting your contact information, one of our FGHTR Trainers (yes trainers, not sales people) will call you to find out if FGHTR will be a good fit for you and your organization. We will review everything you need to know to make an educated decision about implementing FGHTR Fitness Kickboxing!


Onboarding & Training

Onboarding and training can consist of both in-person and virtual methods. We want to make sure your team is fluent in using the FGHTR software, affiliate content center and every other aspect of running the FGHTR class and program. 


Ongoing Support & Resources

Every aspect of the class is broken down with PDF materials, instructional videos and more so you can provide the BEST fitness methods, programming, and protocols to your FGHTRs! 



Once we find out if FGHTR will be beneficial for your business, we need to get you or your trainers certified. To become certified there are 2 options - 1. Attend one of our public certification events or 2. We arrange for our FGHTR Team to certify your trainers privately. During the certification we will educate potential FGHTR Trainers about the FGHTR philosophy, technique mechanics, protocols, movements, nutritional guidelines, and more! 



Together we strategize how to market and pilot your first group of FGHTRs! We will provide proven methods to fill your classes right away! 

Set up a Free Consultation to see if FGHTR is a good fit for your martial art school! 

Thanks for submitting!
Benefits of Being a FGHTR Affiliate


Exclusive use of your own FGHTR logo and name


Be the only FGHTR Affiliate in your area


Listing on

Listed as an official location

Class Plans & PDFS

Every thing needed to lead the FGHTR class

Instructional Videos

10 minute videos explaining ever class, movement and intricacy of the program

Access to HQ

Ask questions, virtual seminars, and advice to lead your FGHTR program to be successful

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